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Aubone Polo Mallets

The Polo Mallet

The Polo Mallet is a very important aspect in this sport. Each individual mallet is adjusted accordingly regarding a player's preferred weight, length, and flexibility. 

It is composed of three major parts: the handle, the cane and the head. Our canes are made from Rattan Manau,  which only grows in Indonesia and Malaysia. The head or cigar as many people call it, is constructed out of a special wood called TIPA which comes from Argentina. 

Although each player has his preferences when it comes to the making of each mallet, the Craftsman is the one who really goes above and beyond when tailoring it for the players needs. 

Not two mallets, will ever be the same with each one having its own unique feel.




Manufacturing and Reparations  in 2 WEEKS


Behind a Polo Mallet

Aubone Polo Mallets is a family business with a long history in this sport. Alfredo Aubone came to the US from Argentina in the late 1980s and began working at Wellington Polo Mallets, then moved to Chicago where he continued to perfect this craft work with his personal stamp.

For Alfredo, the most important thing is quality. He takes care of every detail of the piece, giving it characteristics of resistance and flexibility, ensuring that it responds to the needs of his clients always looking for the perfect fit.

Over the years, Alfredo transferred all of his skills and knowledge to his son Tomás Aubone, born and raised in Chicago, who took over the workshop in 2020, allowing the polo mallet business to remain in the family.

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